Dietary therapy

At Quintessence, we pay special attention to your food choices, as our medical tradition considers diet an essential component in the healing process. Sometimes, in spite of all efforts and treatment modalities we use for improving our patients' health, healing cannot occur due to improper diet. For instance, someone with a large waistline, which is an indication of weakness in the Earth element (weak digestion), who consumes fried foods with salty-sweet dressing (like ketchup) on a regular basis will experience slow digestive qi and will probably get tired and even need to take a nap after the meal. Such a patient would feel more energized after eating a salad with leafy greens and a soup than after eating creamy, fat and sweet dishes. By reducing digestive wastes, we reduce not only an ample waistline, but also the stagnant qi that leads to cloudy thinking, poor memory and impaired concentration.

Developing good eating habits and making the right nutritional choices for you will help you stay fit and young. You will feel more energy and spend less money on nutritional supplementation, as you will get all the benefits of a synergistic nutritional approach, that does not break food into calories, but look at the food a whole, according to your specific needs.