Acupuncture and poststroke rehabilitation


This testimonial was filmed at the end of the patient's 30th acupuncture treatment. Mr. Al. Johnson Jr. had 3 sessions of 10 treatments each. Although he initially came for acupuncture only one year after he had the stroke (he could only climb on the treatment table with help at that time), Mr. Johnson's determination and faith in recovery dramatically changed the prognosis. Today Alfred Johnson Jr. is a highly functional person who can drive, work and gradually recovered his memory. He is planning to finish his Ph.D. very soon in the future. We did a lot of scalp acupuncture, Governor Vessel needling with moxibustion, local e-stim on the affected limbs, qi gong and he was also prescribed Chinese herbs. I hope his story will inspire other people in their healing journeys. And know that the earlier you or someone who suffered a stroke start the poststroke rehabilitation, the better chances of recovery!


A Bell's palsy case

April 9 2012

Before acupuncture


May 11 2012

After 4 sessions of acupuncture


On April 9th 2012, G.S., a 26y/o woman, presented with numbness, weakness and decreased motor function of the muscles of the left side with a sudden onset three weeks prior to her visit. She was also experiencing dizziness, tinnitus in her left ear and loss of balance that interfered with her daily activities. Her brain MRI was normal. She was diagnosed with Bell`s palsy and her neurologist prescribed her steroids, without significant improvement. After 3 acupuncture treatments the numbness started to diminish and she was able to close her left eye. While Bell`s palsy often gets better on its own, some studies and reports* show quicker improvement when using acupuncture  comparing with a control group treated with prednisone, vitamin B1, vitamin B12 and dibazol.

* Liang F, Li Y, Yu S, Li C, Hu L, Zhou D, Yuan X, Li Y. A multicentral randomized control study on clinical acupuncture treatment of Bell's palsy. Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 2006 Mar; 26(1):3-7.

* Sniezek, David. ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT OF BELL'S PALSY: A CASE REPORT. Medical Acupuncture - A Journal For Physicians By Physicians, Fall / Winter 1998 / 1999 - Volume 10 / Number


Pitting Edema

Below, a patient with severe pitting edema treated with the seven stars needle followed by cupping to release some of the interstitial fluid. As seen in the picture, the fluid keeps draining even after the cupping procedure ended. Herbal therapy, diet and exercise were prescribed in addition to local treatment.