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If you have out of network acupuncture benefits we will bill your insurance. Each plan is different so we will have to check if you have acupuncture benefits before we schedule a visit. Please have your insurance card handy when  you call to schedule an appointment. Please note that we can only bill your insurance for acupuncture services. For all other healing modalities, as well as for those who do not have insurance coverage, please consult our service menu price list. below:



Includes full medical evaluation and treatment according to Chinese medicine principles. If necessary, you may receive a short course of physical manipulation, Chinese massage, moxibustion or cupping therapy included in this treatment.

     60 minutes/ $75*

Ear acupuncture

Suitable for smoking cessation and weight loss. Includes ear acupuncture and ear seeds for long term craving reduction.

     30 min/ $30

Pediatric treatments

Includes full medical evaluation and treatment of child using scrapping instruments (Shonishin), pediatric massage, dietary and lifestyle counseling and home presopuncture assignments for parents.

     45 min/ $60


Full medical evaluation and prescription of a Chinese herbal formula.

     30 minutes/ $25 (herbs can be purchased at additional cost)


Vital energy treatment to reprogram your metabolism and assigned homework exercises.

     60 minutes/ $120


Koreean Physical Manipulation

Includes full evaluation of your posture, treatment with physical manipulation techniques and massage, as well as corrective homework assignments.

     60 minutes/ $80 (add 20 minutes acupuncture/ $15)

Chinese Bodywork

This treatment is intended to target specific areas of tension and chronic pain. These results are achieved using slow, focused, deep strokes. Light to medium pressure is used in addition to stimulate circulation, relieve muscle tension, and ease away stress.

     60 minutes/$80    30 minutes/$40

Frankincense Circulatory Massage

This treatment is for those with poor circulation and poor tissue drainage.

     60 minutes/$80    30 minutes/$40

Aromatherapy Massage

Pure essential oils combined with Chinese massage techniques create a feeling of balance and well being, transforming your mood. Your choice of French Lavender Relax, Frankincense Circulation, or Deep Forest Detox.

     60 minutes/$90

Foot/ Hand Reflexology

Manual stimulation of points corresponding to specific areas and organs combined with massage techniques helps unblock, balance, and assist with the body’s natural healing ability.

     25 minutes/$40

Prenatal Massage

A nurturing, soothing massage specifically designed for the expectant mother. Prenatal discomforts such as backaches, sore feet and swelling are addressed and eased. Laying on your side or on a special table ensures safety and comfort for the mother-to-be. Please provide us with the number of weeks that you are pregnant when booking your treatment.

     50 minutes/$60

Please Note: These additional treatments can be enjoyed if pregnant:

     Foot/Hand Massage 25 minutes/$40

     Chinese Head Massage 25 minutes/$40

Back, Neck and Shoulder Relief

Tension is most commonly held in the upper back and neck areas. This massage is the perfect antidote to modern stress and is also an ideal introductory treatment for those new to massage.

     25 minutes/$45


Mud/ Clay therapy

Full body mud or clay wrap, then shower followed by a Chinese massage. Suitable for arthritis, dermatologic conditions and detox purposes. We use Dead Sea mud for dermatological conditions, Techerghiol Romanian mud for degenerative conditions and Montmorillonite clay for detox.

     60 minutes/ $90

Ocean Memory

Algae and sea salt wrap followed by shower and circulatory massage, soothing your nervous system and detoxifying.

     60 minutes/ $120


Respiro Signature Facial

Our ultimate facial treatment. Active botanicals are used to strengthen cell metabolism and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Cleansing, toning, exfoliation, stream, extractions and mask are followed by face and full body acupuncture to stimulate the collagen production and stimulate circulation, a Wild Lime Blossom scalp massage, Verbena hand and arm massage and Peppermint foot massage. This luxurious treatment also includes a Chinese herbal mask for the face.

     75 minutes/$140

Anti-aging intensive facial

This treatment is suitable for dehydrated premature skin. Includes herbal detox mask, jade roller massage, full-body and face acupuncture, nourishing herbal poultice, hydrosol and organic serum, homework assignment - facial gym exercises.

     60 min/ $95

Eye wrinkle reduction

Includes eye massage, acupuncture, collagen mask and organic serum.

     40 min/ $50

Double chin reduction

Includes acupuncture, massage, jade roller and organic serum.

     40 min/ $50

Acnee treatment

Includes herbal detox mask, jade roller massage, full-body and face acupuncture, organic serum and diet counseling.

     40 min/ $60

Hair loss treatment

Includes scalp massage, acupuncture, herbal treatment, diet counseling and shampoo.

     40min /$75

JUST BREATH! CLINIC (see more on our Speleotherapy section)

Combines acupuncture, respiratory exercises and halotherapy (a salty air medium which simulates a natural salt cave microclimate). Especially designed for respiratory conditions. Runs every Monday between 4pm and 8pm. Suitable for kids.

     60min/ $60