About Chinese herbal medicine


For best results, it is sometimes necessary to combine acupuncture with herbal therapy. Chinese herbs are from plant, mineral and animal source, available in pill, powder, tincture or raw form.

Customized combinations of 8 to 20 herbs are available for an individual patient's specific condition.

Quintessence pays special attention to the quality of the herbs. We have an extensive training in herbal medicine and we previously managed several herbal dispensaries throughout New York. We only order from top quality herbs manufacturers and we dispense herbal remedies only if necessary and with caution. All our products meet the modern international GMP quality control standards - heavy metals tested, no pharmaceuticals, colors or preservatives.

Some herbs can interfere with your medication. Do not take herbs randomly. Consult your physician before taking herbs.

For dermatologic conditions and facial rejuvenation we mostly use our own organic skin care products.

In the event you do need herbal therapy, you are responsible for the cost and pick up of the herbs ordered in your behalf. The price range is between $15 to $100/ month.