Life Charting


There may be many layers surrounding the root of a single pathological manifestation. Depending on the complexity of your condition, our approach might be multi-layered. This is especially the case in  chronic debilitating conditions, psychological and psychiatric issues and autoimmune diseases. Many great doctors in history believed that diseases are rooted in the spirit. It is stated in Ling Shu (Spiritual Pivot): "All diseases are rooted in the shen-spirit" - Ling Shu, Chapter 8, Han dynasty 206 B.C.E. - 220 C.E. Paracelsus, a Swiss medieval physician, alchemist and astrologer said that all diseases are the result of wrong thinking. While treating your immediate symptoms, we might be also interested in working with deeper levels that will affect your spiritual health. We might work with one or two levels at the same time.
Level 1: Elimination
At this level we will focus on eliminating the disruptive factors that immediately affect your health - whether internal or external - like parasites, fungi, relationships, emotions etc. You might be suggested to undergo a Detoxification and/or a Stress management program. During of this Stress management program you will be advised to pay attention to your emotional dynamics, to identify the triggers and your response patterns. You will be asked to picture yourself from outside and consider changing your emotional patterns. To read about the importance of emotions management click here.
Level 2: Concentration
At this level you might need to cultivate your determination. Sometimes it is important to re-evaluate who you are and re-define what you want to achieve. In order to do that, you will need to look at your initial goals, to state your values and ideals and to create an effective strategy.  Our original method of life charting can play a crucial role in this process.
Level 3: Harmonization


It is stated in Tao Teh Ching: "In governing one's life/The wise one who knows the importance/ of internal harmony/ becomes happier daily".  At this level you might need to focus on self cultivation, by qi gong exercises and meditation. Acupuncture might be helpful too, but the emphasis should be on the self cultivation.
Level 4: Spiritual achievement
For most people, this level means commitment to a specific spiritual path that one previously decided to follow, according to one's values and goals. At this stage we might be able to help one staying focused on one's particular goals by providing one with exercises to increase the awareness level, stay rooted in one's body and strengthen one's will power. Inspirational readings are available - if needed. Additional caution and patience from both practitioner and client is required at this level, as, from Chinese esoteric perspective, when one's "portals" are open, the Hun (Ethereal Soul) can separate from the body and/or one becomes more susceptible to exterior invasions. In these scenarios, anchoring and energetic cleaning by acupuncture treatments are available, but the practitioner is not to be substituted with a spiritual guide.