New Patient

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What to expect at my first visit?

What to wear

It is best to wear loose fitting clothes that can be rolled up to the knees and elbows.

If other points are to be involved, such as on the back or neck, you may be asked to partially disrobe (privately, of course) and lay under a clinic blanket or to wear a hospital style gown.

Eat something

Do not eat a large meal just before treatment, but don't come with an empty stomach. Your blood sugar might drop, especially if you are a bit nervous, and you might feel slightly faint for a few minutes during your first treatment. Should you forget to eat something, we usually have a fruit snack around for you.

Take a walk before you drive

Treatments tend to be so relaxing that most patients fall asleep on the table. Even if you don't fall asleep, a deep level of relaxation after the treatment can hinder your ability to drive safely for a very short duration. Again, this sensation of "grogginess" passes, just as it does when you wake up in the morning. Just in case, you should take a walk around the block before stepping out into the hectic traffic of the city.

Arbitration and Informed Consent Forms

At your first visit you will be required to sign an Informed consent form and an arbitration agreement. It is now standard practice in many alternative health clinics to require new patients to sign these forms.

The informed consent form simply states that you are aware that the practitioner will be using needles as well as other modalities to treat you, and that although an accident is rare, it is possible.

The arbitration agreement simply states that should you decide to sue the practitioner for any reason involving malpractice, you must use arbitration. Arbitration does NOT take away your right to sue! It simply means that both sides would present their cases to a judge or panel of judges, who would then make a leally binding judgment on the case. Arbitration is cheaper and much faster than going through a regular jury trial. That is why the malpractice companies require it, because they typically are paying the court costs.

How long will my first visit take?

Please allow one hour and a half for the initial visit, that consists in a detailed physical exam. If we examine you and feel that you would not benefit from our care, or that you would be better off seeing another type of health practitioner, we will tell you upfront and not waste your time.

The follow-up usually takes around 45 min

How many visits will I need?

During the initial exam we will discuss the treatment plan, including how many visits we think you might need to see results and what results you should expect to see.

For acute problems, fewer visits are necessary, while for chronic conditions more visits are usually needed.