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Our Montmorillonite Clay featured in the New York Daily News!

Acupuncture studies and articles:

Lifestyle change and Chinese herbs for idiopathic juvenile arthritis

On 2/1/13, the New York Times published a touching story about a young boy with debilitating juvenile arthritis. The author, his mother, describes how they incorporated diet change, supplements and a Chinese herbal formula (Si Miao San, Four Marvels Powder) into his treatment, leading to a remission. On exam, he has no active arthritis and is a pain-free and an energetic, active kid again! Read this article here!

    Study Finds Acupuncture Fights Pain

Interesting article in Arthritis Today, describing an analysis of acupuncture studies to treat the pain of osteoarthritis. This meta-analysis showed that those who received acupuncture had significantly less pain than those who received standard care. Read this article here!